National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) unsurveyed listings for Valley Creek and Rattlesnake Mound



NR – National Register listed. The properties may be individually listed or may be within the boundaries of a National Register District.

CEF – Certified Eligible to the National Register findings are usually made during the federal review process, these properties have been evaluated as being eligible for listing in the National Register.

DOE – Detennination of Eligibility is made by the National Park Service and typically refers to properties deemed eligible but the owner objects to the listing.

CNEF – Certified Not Eligible to the National Register. SHPO has begun to record properties thai have been evaluated as not eligible for listing in the National Register. Ifthe box on the form has a check the property has detennined to be not eligible.

Properties without NR, CEF, SEF,’DOE, or CNEF designations in the reports you received may not have been evaluated and therefore no assumption to their eligibility can be made.

Text of 9 January 2015 email from Minnesota State Historic Preservation Office to City of Afton, confirming no change to above unresolved status

Ron and Christy,

I have attached complete lists of the archaeological site and historic properties in our inventories for the City of Afton.

The Minnesota SHPO Survey Manuals and Database Metadata can be found at http://www.mnhs.org/shpo/survey/inventories.htm to help you interpret the reports.

Because the majority of archaeological sites in the state and many historic architectural properties have not been recorded, important sites or structures may exist within the project area and may be affected by development or construction projects within that area. Additional research, including field survey, may be necessary to adequately assess the area’s potential to contain historic properties.

If you require a comprehensive assessment of a project’s potential to impact archaeological sites or historic architectural properties, you may need to hire a qualified archaeologist and/or historian. If you need assistance with a project review, please contact Kelly Gragg-Johnson in Review and Compliance @ 651-259-3455 or by email at kelly.graggjohnson@mnhs.org.

Tom Cinadr
Survey and Information Management Coordinator
Minnesota State Historic Preservation Office
Minnesota Historical Society
345 Kellogg Blvd. West
St. Paul, MN 55102


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